“Is it possible to find an exceptionally affordable shoes?”

“Is there an edgy collection of shoes that will not get me on the fashion-victim list?”

“Can a Spanish shoe have the look and quality of an Italian shoe?”

 These are some of the questions that, until today, the Spanish have failed to answer. The answers to these questions are the subject of this new brand of footwear. MAS34 is the first Spanish footwear brand that combines handmade design, quality and good prices, to provide women with the authentically exceptional shoes.

MAS34 is the result of a vision and commitment to respond to these shortcomings, a commitment to Spain, and a commitment to women. It is the vision of Adriana Balcells. This 27-year-old Barcelonan, graduated from ESADE, formalized her affair with fashion during her time in Milan, where she began her training and her career at Ralph Lauren. After three years in the Lombard capital, and with a grim economic outlook, this young entrepreneur decided to champion the idea of “Made in Spain” and to breathe new life into the Spanish fashion market and economy.

MAS34 designs, provides, produces and distributes all their merchandise. Their designs are in line with current shoe patterns, but do not fall into the temptation of the trends The website of the brand allows customers to find, fall in love and buy their ideal shoe in a flexible and intuitive way. The firm produces in Spain using traditional, quality materials. The use of exceptional materials of national origin as its main feature helps highlight its identity. The brand guarantees custom distribution that is both quick and flexible. MAS34’s business model is based on its own designs, made available online, with domestic production and free distribution making it possible to cut out the middlemen. This is the key to a luxury shoe at an affordable price. Undoubtedly, the dream of every woman!